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LotRo Alt Finder
Who are you looking for ?
As of the Lotro Community Website update, august 1st 2013, the Alt Finder will not be updated.
Character level and pvmp rank have been removed but the Altfinder will remain accessible.
How did it work ?
Before the update, all characters had a unique URL from which we retrieved the account id
and the character id. Two characters with the same account id were alts.
We built our 1.4 million character database in four ways :
- PvMP leaderboards
- Skirmish leaderboards
- Kinship member lists (except for some former european kinships)
- Direct request by character name and world
A few stats
511,613Unique accounts
67,088Accounts with at least one max level freep
69,789Accounts with at least one max level creep
2,048,872Alt searches
185,752Unique researchers

More stats